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God's redemptive intention is creation-wide.



The Community of CPC desires to build God's great community. The development of relationships as God intends them is not a project to be accomplished but a process of redemptive Gospel-living. In every word we say and action we take, we are to be living the Good News that God is rebuilding His broken creation. Every CPC member is a missionary.


CPC has many opportunities to build genuine relationships in our community. Our mission is to support artists, scientists, teachers, outdoors-men...all who call upon the Name of the Lord, in their everyday Gospel-living.



CPC financially and prayerfully supports missionaries in nearly all four corners of the world. It is our goal that we support as many types of Gospel-proclamation as possible. Missionaries in North Africa,  Middle East, Europe, South and North America are supported. Some are teachers, some are evangelists, some are artists, and some do the works of mercy. All seek the expansion of God's Kingdom.


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